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Legal terms

By accessing this web site, you have accepted the terms and policies described below, along with any future modification. Otherwise, you are not authorized to use this web site.

The information obtained on the web site was obtained in a timely fashion and was prepared using reliable sources and techniques. Nevertheless, Popular Valores, Puesto de Bolsa S.A. does not assume any liability associated with:

  • Inaccuracies related to the integrity, the timeliness, or the misuse or misinterpretation of the information that is provided through this site.

  • Information and services coming from the connections or links to other sites controlled by third parties outside our company.

  • Financial, stock, or other decisions made by the users based on the financial material that may be accessed since this information may not be interpreted in any way to be a recommendation for those decisions.

  • Temporary service suspension caused by problems with the connection, updates to information, or simply by one of our company’s strategies.

  • The user may not send or transmit information or materials in violation of the industrial or intellectual property rights that may affect Popular Valores, Puesto de Bolsa S.A. or third parties.

  • It is categorically forbidden for a user to engage in any reproduction, copy, release, publication or transmission to third parties meant to commercially exploit the material to which users may have access.

Privacy Policy

  • We abide by Article 13 of the Stock Market Regulatory Law (Law 7732) when it states that “authorization to make a public offer does not imply any qualification about the value of the issue or the solvency of the issuer or of the broker.”

  • The published or posted information is strictly for informational purposes and does not represent any offer for a purchase or sale.

  • Clients must judge the appropriateness of using the information on their own account and at their own risk.

  • The prices, values, and returns that are reflected as the market value are estimates taken from listed prices and are indications so in some cases they may be higher or lower than the prices that are currently being traded on the market.

  • For more information about the current price, please contact your stock broker.

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